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    Meditation as Hypnosis

    During some of my more stressful moments in college I was prone to panic attacks. I managed to overcome them with a sort of hypnosis that I just called meditating. During my religious years I would have just prayed, but ultimately prayer, hypnosis, and meditation all feel the same to me...
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    Swimming: Strengthens AND Soothes

    Swimming is so therapeutic! It's my husband's and my favorite form of exercising for the same reasons. There's nothing like the serenity of floating in a pool with your ears under the surface, just listening to the sound of your own heartbeat.
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    Starting a Successful Blog

    Nice! Blogs can be tough, but it's important to remember to write what you love and the readers will come. It also helps to research common SEO terms and words to incorporate into your blog so that the posts rank higher in search engines.
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    Mind Palace

    This has always helped me! I first discovered the idea of a "mind palace" when I started watching the show "Sherlock." Super fascinating. My mind palace is more of a cosy mind cottage, but to each their own!
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    Eating Healthily

    I've struggled with my relationship with food my whole life, but lately I've been gradually reassessing how I eat. I've switched to a more plant and protein structured diet with fewer simple carbohydrates and food no longer rules my life! I used to only think about my next meal - now I eat when...
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    Coping with Social Anxiety (Parties are Painful)

    My own husband is in your very same situation, and I feel guilty for trying to pressure him to open up more in social situations. If it genuinely causes you distress, by all means speak to a therapist or doctor about medication or alternative methods to cope! If, however, you're merely feeling...
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    What do you listen to when you write?

    I love to listen to video game soundtracks when I work. Skyrim, Halo, etc. are designed with concentration in mind, so I find it particularly useful to help me home in on my writing.
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    What sports do you think are most brain intensive?

    Tennis to me is very mentally challenging. Being able to coordinate my movements with the other on my team, landing the ball in the correct field, and knowing exactly which divot in my racquet makes for the best hold for my strike keeps me on my (metaphorical and literal) toes!
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    The word “hygge”

    I love this word. It’s Danish (I believe? Correct me if I’m wrong) and has no direct English equivalent. It captures the feeling of the joy and coziness found in simple pleasures like buying old books or drinking a cup of tea. What’s your hygge?
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    How do you unwind after a long day of work?

    I like to cook or bake! Going from the words and graphs of my day job to the simple math and hands-on process of making food is very calming to me.
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    How do you discover your passion?

    I think it’s possible to have many passions. You obviously enjoy a variety of things, and that’s passion in and of itself! Don’t worry too much about finding the one dream job or one all-engrossing thing - very few of us actually discover that.
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    Making New Friends as an Adult

    It helps to find weekly hobby meetings in your area! I joined a knitting group and a swing dance group in my hometown and met so many new people. The fact that a mutual hobby brought you together gives you plenty to talk about, and the friendships just blossom from there!
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    Writing for 8 hours straight

    I’m much more productive if I go in spurts of activity. Try breaking the task down into hour chunks with small breaks in between to read, scroll social media, or even just stare out the window.
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    Keeping Family Close

    As the oldest of nine children and the first to marry and move out, it's been tough to find the perfect balance of togetherness and boundaries. It seems like the more I try to establish times to get together, the more time my family demands. I've found that you have to find the balance of...
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    "Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter...

    ...quite like unrequited love." ~Charlie Brown What's your favorite comic strip quote?