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Stress at Work


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Everyone deals with work-related stress. E v e r y o n e. In order to survive, we need a coping mechanism. I personally use art. The cathartic release that drawing, writing, and playing music give me is incomparable. My faith also plays a role in reducing work anxiety.

How do you deal with work-induced stress? Do you find yourself using your coping methods in the workplace, or do you prefer to wait until the end of the day to unwind?


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For me it really depends on what the cause of the stress actually is.

If it's something strictly work-related like a specific project or deadline, or something like that I can usually just power through. I handle stress by destroying the thing stressing me out. Big project has me worried? Make progress on it and feel better about it. Or, if the fact that I can't make progress is stressing me out, then maybe do some project planning and map out my next steps so I feel like I'm in control of my situation.

I definitely have different "faces" between work and home and rarely let the stress show at work. So once I'm home, I "let my hair down" as it were and unwind. Whether that be with a phone call to my mom, putting my phone on silent in another room and doing something I enjoy - usually reading or playing a video game, or if things are really rough I am not above resorting to taking a stress nap.