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When to workout


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What time does everyone choose to exercise? I have been experimenting with working out first thing in the morning as well as late in the evening (around 7 or 8pm). I find that when I work out in the morning I crash right after lunch and am pretty useless the rest of the day. When I work out at night I often am too wired to fall asleep. Maybe I should compromise and work out over the lunch hour?

Chris Jeff

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The time of day you work out does impact your performance and results, that time isn't necessarily the morning. The right time to exercise is all relative and dependent upon your own individual body clock, or "chronotype, " which determines whether or not you're a so-called "morning person."
I advise you try different times of the day.
Work out in the morning for a few weeks, then try noon, then early evening. Which do you enjoy most and which makes you feel best afterward? Also, consider the type of exercise, and other daily commitments.
"Most of all, find a time that helps you make your exercise a regular, consistent part of your life
The best time of day to work out is the time you're most likely to work out.
What I like about working out in the afternoon is that I'm loose, I'm not typically as tired, and my muscles aren't stiff like they sometimes are in the morning plus, it's a great break, and I get so much energy afterward.
There are some pros and cons with whatever time you choose.
Maybe you crash after the morning exercise, but if you choose that time, then at least it's done for the day, and you're not going to skip it when unexpected things come up.
The most important thing about a fitness routine is that you're able to stick with it.
All in all, the best time to work out is whenever you can.
I mostly workout in the morning on an empty stomach. I begin my workout regime with cardio because my aim right now is to lose weight. I completely agree with the person above me that selecting or preferring when to workout varies from person to person and is dependent on your chronotype. You have to figure out what time suits you the best. It also helps that i am a "morning person", i like to wake up early and kick start my day with working out.


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I find that I can focus much better after a morning workout-- if I'm waiting to work out until the afternoon or evening, I'm antsy and I'm thinking about my workout. So on my days off from work I try to get out and do my workout after I've had my coffee and a light breakfast.

On days when I work, I do my workout right after work before dinner, so that I don't have time to back out of the workout.

I've found that like you, Dmooers, I struggle to fall asleep if I work out in the evening (and my motivation to work out after dinner is pretty much 0).