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Taking An Ice Bath


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I just ran my fourth marathon and this is my tip for any runners in training - ice bath. Once you start running into the double digits, an ice bath is an effective way to speed up your recovery and can be done within a few hours or even a few days after your run. Make sure your body starts off warm and you’re not shivering before you enter the tub. Fill your bathtub with cold water and as much ice as you can fit. Slowly submerge your lower body into the ice bath. The first couple of minutes will be painful, but your body will adjust. You can make yourself a little more comfortable by wearing a hat and sipping a hot beverage. Soak for fifteen to twenty minutes. Afterward, open the drain and turn on the hot water. Slowly turn it into a hot bath. Once the water is hot, self-massage your legs. The ice bath helps immediately bring down muscle inflammation caused by the pounding of running, and it works to flush out built-up lactic acid. This is hard to do even in the middle of the summer, but a bit of icy discomfort is well worth how quickly your body learns to recover from long runs.