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    Teaching English Online

    I was just hired to teach English online to young Chinese students. Does anyone have any tips on the best ways to teach young children a second language?
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    Spreading respect among students

    Managing a classroom can be extremely difficult. People are usually rude when they feel as if they aren't being respected. I would suggest making the classroom a place of respect. Demand respect from the students and they will begin to respect you as well as their classmates.
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    Positive self-talk

    Great questions! I have struggled with positive self-talk for a long time. I've learned that thanking people helps jumpstart me into positivity. Also, not taking the negative side of everything always helps me become happier. For example, if I am late I don't say "Sorry I'm late", instead I say...
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    Ultra-Marathons, Iron Mans, Long-Distance Running

    For me, the first race was the most difficult. I wasn't sure if I could finish, but once I did, I have had much less trouble motivating myself. I proved to myself that I could do it and accomplish what I set out to do. Now that I do more challenges races, I still face these doubts, but they are...
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    When to workout

    What time does everyone choose to exercise? I have been experimenting with working out first thing in the morning as well as late in the evening (around 7 or 8pm). I find that when I work out in the morning I crash right after lunch and am pretty useless the rest of the day. When I work out at...