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What weight loss program works for you?


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If any of who have successfully lost weight, which programs worked best for you? I struggle with it. There are several programs which I may be interested in, I email them to answer questions, and they never respond, including Noom and Weight Watchers. I have used Nutrasystem in the past and had some success, but it was limited, their portions are full of fat, extremely tiny, and not terribly healthful. Has any tried a program which worked?


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I have had numerous family members and friends use Medifast. Their website is very easy to maneuver and should give you some quality information right up front! I have seen friends and family succeed in their weight loss throughout the use of this program and they all highly recommend it. Always remember that the first few weeks are the most difficult! You can do it!


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Can I ask what some of your questions were that weren't responded to? And what's holding you back from trying them? Losing weight successfully is about making lifestyle/behavior changes that are sustainable- diets like nutrisystem are not a good choice for the long term, unless you want to spend the rest of your life eating that way!

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For me, the best program was going to the gym for general exercises and the right diet. I think that this was the main thing and I dropped about 15 kg for all this time, and now I continue. The most important thing about it is the proper intake of protein and carbohydrates.

You will need to remember the amount from which you started and every week reduce the number of carbohydrates. For this, you must have a kitchen scale and measure all the food that you eat. You will have to give up many things, like sauces and sweet. You can lose weight even without doing sports, but it will not be so effective.

I do not know the exact program for sports, but that's what helped me and I hope that this will help you as well.


My mom and sister have weight problems and have tried lots of programs. The one that is working the best for them is the KETO diet. It is a different type of eating but it helps with energy and also with hunger urges. There is tons of info on it as well as interactive groups and informational videos. They have lost like 18lb in like a month.


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I’ve had success combining both an eating plan and exercise. I would track my eating in an app (like LoseIt!), which helps you figure out where you are for eating and where you can improve. You have to be honest! You can also track your exercise in the app, which tells you where you land for calories with diet and exercise.

For exercise, I joined a gym that offers a lot of classes and has great instructors. I started going to cycling classes 3x per week. I was dying at first, but got better! Then I started adding in body pump and pilates classes. I did what I could always, and gradually improved. I lost 42 lbs in about 6 months.

I managed to keep it off for 5 years, til I met my soon to be husband and stopped exercising. Now, I need to follow my own advice and start over!
All of these suggestions are pretty good and require different levels of planning or discipline. So I'll sugg an easy one: if you're planning a trip away or are at a crossroads in life --- I sugg spending some time in Southeast Asia. I needn't specify a particular one. If you spend any time over 1 month, you will lose weight in a natural way. The food, while tasty and cheap, doesn't have the caloric quality Western food does. You'll perforce do a lot of walking - often on broken up sidewalks with odd breaks. The incredible humidity makes you sweat. The heat will naturally diminish your appetite. Lastly, western foods are scary expensive so you'll naturally cut way back on chocolate, cereals, cheese, meats, and even my essential - peanut butter.
I know many can't do this, or think they can't. But a month or more away to Asia, Latin Am, or Africa will do wonders for your health and waistline. Not to mention your worldview and personal enrichment.
Responding to Q I got re my post above: you can expect to lose a few pounds a week without making any effort and going as local as you can stand. By that I mean that if you go upper class - on group tours, great hotels, high end restaurants, or to a resort or spa, etc. You won't lose anything - any more than you'd lose weight on a cruise ship vacation- because you're transferring your Western life abroad.
I'm not saying you have to go without AC or boiled water -- just go middle class.
Now if you get a little more pro-active and add walking, swimming, or gym work -- then you'll lose an additional 2-4/week.
Diet-wise, I'd discourage keto or paleo type diets in Asia -- just very expensive and you need a lot of water to breakdown protein. Water that you're already sweating away in the heat humidity and activity. You needn't ever be hungry, but your diet will lean toward carby rather than fatty.
So that's a general overview with too many personal variables to be specific.


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I think that the most important thing is something that everyone on this thread has mentioned, which is just setting yourself into a routine that keeps you active and eating well. I think that it's something like 21 days in a row is necessary to ingrain a new habit, so if you can find a diet and exercise plan that you can commit to for that long, chances are that you'll have more success keeping up with it in the future.

In terms of actual weight loss tips, my big offering would be some kind of weight-training program (if it fits with your time, health, etc.). I certainly don't mean that you have to training for a Strongman competition or anything, but generally speaking, having more muscle on your body helps burn fat and keep weight down. This is because muscle requires more energy use (even when idle) than other elements of your body, meaning that the more muscle you have (relative to your current circumstances), the more energy your body needs, which in turn burns more fat. I hope this is helpful!


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Over the years the Flu diet has been the most consistent one for me. I get the flu - I lose about 10 pounds - like clockwork. Unfortunately I only get the flu about every 4 or 5 years so I have to use other methods as well. I try to slowly modify my portions to a smaller and smaller size over time. My girlfriend and I almost always split everything as well. If we buy a burrito we only get one and cut it in half. If we go to a restaurant we just pay the split plate charge and split and entree. We also drink water at restaurants instead of soda. The smaller portions allow me to maintain my weight even if I don't exercise at all. A little exercise and I'll drop weight slowly. So, I don't really follow any diet program because they always seem to work short term but fail long term. It's better to just make small changes to portion and diet over time until they seem normal.


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You want a weight loss program that is sustainable. Programs that cut carbs and fat are usually not sustainable. They also usually have you at a very large deficit that is again unsustainable. You need to estimate your daily energy expenditure so you know how much you should eat for your goals. A 400-500 cal deficit usually does the trick but should only be maintained for a few months before you bring your calorie intake up to maintenance levels for a while. Counting macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fat) and working out at a crossfit gym have helped me lost almost 40 pounds. You have to burn more calories than you eat but you also have to fuel for your workouts and eat a well balanced diet (no cutting out carbs and fat).


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Hi there! The one program that has worked for me multiple times is Weight Watchers. I had success on the Smart Points program 10 years ago and have been doing the Freestyle program for about 6 months now. I think it's different for everyone, but for me, the point system really holds me accountable and makes me weigh out (no pun intended) my food decisions on any given day. That helps me take a much more balanced view of my health and I still get to eat some of the more decadent foods (although with much less frequency and smaller portions).

With all of that being said, I agree with the sentiments that a program has to be sustainable and should be paired with an overall mindset of well-being. You have to want to change your lifestyle and not just look for a gimmicky, quick weight-loss scheme. What I really like about the Freestyle program is that it emphasizes whole foods -- fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, eggs, beans, etc. It's not easy to begin with, especially if you're not ready for it. But I have drastically reduced my red meat and sugar intake, have dropped 25 pounds and just feel healthier overall. I'd be happy to answer any specific questions you might have about the program.


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Eat unprocessed foods. Cut out simple carbs and sugar. Also avoid alcohol. Exercise regularly, incorporating both weights and cardio into your routine. Simple ideas, tough to put into practice. You really don't need a fancy program.