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What kind of music keeps you focused during a workout?


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I'm always experimenting with new playlists on Spotify, but I can't seem to find one that really drives me in the gym. I don't really like heavy metal, but I don't think slow music will keep me motivated. Does anyone have recommendations?


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I completely understand this issue, as I'm very much in the same boat! I've gotten into some faster, more aggressive rap music because I can really vibe to the beat, to the point that I'm not really even paying attention to the lyrics. However, I've recently started listening to some really cool instrumental music and boy, is there a bunch out there! If you're interested in checking it out, the group Two Steps from Hell has a huge catalog that you can peruse on YouTube. I hope this helps!


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For me it isn't the music itself that is motivating. I have to know why I go to the gym or exercise or practice. And I don't mean the superficial reasons but the REAL reasons. Exercising to be healthy sounds nice but what are you going to do with your health? What aspect of life will you pursue given good health? Usually that reason, whatever it is, is far more motivating. The music that I associate with that vision is what I use to motivate me toward greater effort. So, for me, music at the gym goes beyond just the beat or attitude. It represents a greater vision of what I want out of life.


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Music changes all the time for me at the gym! It usually depends on what type of workout I'm doing. For weight-lifting I usually like electronic/dubstep or rock music (doesn't have to be hard rock), for cardio something with whatever beat matches what I'm doing, like alternative rock or a more trance-type electronic music.


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I agree with jacque_mich, my music depends on what type of work out I’m engaging in. If I’m going for a run, I’m all about the classics music. If I’m working out in the gym and weight lifting, I need Eminem and some great rap hits to take me through the entire workout.

I’d try throwing your music on shuffle with a mix of different genres and seeing what you react best to!


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Our gym plays anything from rock/heavy metal to rap to oldies. Keep your goals in mind when your working out. If you're having a hard time focusing on your workouts, maybe you need to switch up the type of workouts you're doing? Listening to music with good beats and rhythm usually keep me going, but once a workout starts I usually don't even tend to hear the music that's playing.