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What is the Biggest Setback that you've had in your Life?


Hi I would like to ask what is your biggest setback that you have face in your life? And how did it helped you become a stronger person? I wanted to know so that it can become an inspiration to all of us in this community. Thanks


I think getting married to my ex husband. He is a narcissist and the relationship was emotionally, financially, and at times a little bit physically abusive.

I met him when I was 22, we were married by 24 and only 2 years ago we got divorced. I was with him in total for 13 years. I still have a lot of issues to work through, such as continuously apologizing when I am ill and being afraid my boyfriend is going to be mad at me for being ill. I also have an extreme fear of rejection because my ex used to tell me that I was not a nice person. That people only pretended to like me but that they did not really like me.

I am still in contact with him because he is the father of my daughter and right now we have a relatively healthy co-parenting relationship. I do not count on it to last though, he can change moods like the wind.

How it made me stronger? I don't know yet. I am still figuring it all out. I do know that I am capable of living on my own, taking care of my daughter and myself and working. I don't need him nor his validation anymore, so that is something, I guess.