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What do you listen to when you write?

YouTube Auto Play is my friend. Because that's how I discovered songs that I am now addicted to. Not only do I listen to them while I write, but they are also the huge part of my everyday life. I've become emotionally attached to some of them as they remind me of the times when I felt most inspired. And even if I am not inspired at the moment these songs are able to make things a little bit easier. I am talking about the deep house genre, with little or no words, but with strong, inspiring beats.


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For me, my best writing comes when I am not focusing on other words. I listen to a lot of classical music like Moonlight Sonata (which is doubly calming and great for focus when paired with a YouTube recording of rain). You can find multi-hour recordings on YouTube. If I am really familiar with a song with lyrics, I can listen and not be distracted, but I tend to avoid that.


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I'm like katz91. If I'm listening to music when I write, it can't have any words or I'll get distracted. Classical will work. I've found freestyle jazz to be helpful too. John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis etc... Anything upbeat and free flowing.
I have the concentration span of a goldfish :p i cant multitask to save my life. If i am writing, i need to absolutely concentrate on what i am writing about. Listening to music would be a distraction for me irrespective of the genre.


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I’m the same as you, thinkerriz! I sometimes try to put on a calming soundtrack from YouTube or even have a boring show on Netflix in the background. But I’m only productive when I’m just focused on the work. Other sounds are too distracting.
My usual is true jazz -since it has a drum beat- but not trumpet based. But since I don't understand jazz, it's a good backdrop. I liken it to traveling in Thailand, you're not distracted by the signage or conversations because you can't understand it, but it's good company to your thoughts.


I need stuff without words when I write, so usually I just put on youtube and google "songs to write to". Sometimes classic, sometimes electronic, it depends on my mood that day.

That said, I often just listen to nothing as well. I enjoy the silence and don't mind not having background noise all the time.
I'm glad to hear that I am not the only one that needs music without words when they write. I can't seem to pull myself out of the lyrics enough to focus and key my thoughts if I'm listening to something that has lyrics... especially something I know well... I'll end up singing along even if it's only in my head


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I listen to soft music, i really like to hear the melodies of love songs and slow songs, and this helps me greatly when writing.