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Ultra-Marathons, Iron Mans, Long-Distance Running


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I´m curious to know if there are people who do any of the above falling events that requires a ton of endurance. I do not, however, I have a cousin who does 100 Mile Marathons, which absolutely boggles my mind (and not to mention he did them while in med school!!!) I´m really amazed and impressed at the mental toughness that it takes to participate in these kinds of sporting events.

If anyone here does do these events, how do you mentally prepare and get through these races?


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Several years ago, I ran quite a few marathons and some ultra-marathons. My first ever run that went over 20 miles was a 50k run. I turned 16-years-old the week prior. The only running experience I had at the time was running for my high school cross-country team. While I will say it was one of the most surreal experiences of my life, it was not one of the wisest. The thing with races like these is, anyone can complete one. The physical aspect of the run is maybe only 10% of completing the race. If you go into the race with the wrong mindset, or have doubts, you will not finish. Proper training beforehand is not so much to allow you to complete the race, but to aid in your recovery afterwards. At the end of the day, these runs are all willpower, and you have to find that within yourself while experiencing some of the worst pain you can imagine.

With that being said, after taking proper steps to ensure your body's safety during and after the run, I strongly recommend anyone gives a marathon a shot. There is no other experience like it.


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I have to give mad respect to anyone that can complete one of these events. At the same time, I have to somewhat question their sanity as well. While I understand the appeal of these challenges, it is not something I could ever see myself doing. It would be an exercise in masochism as I find that physical exercise beyond what I get in everyday activities to be hateful (I work outside on my feet daily). That said, I can recognize the mental and physical dedication to successfully complete these grueling tasks.


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I am currently training for a marathon and have siblings who have both completed 50k races. I truly enjoy running and whenever I reach a point in a run (like 7 miles in), I ask myself why not keep going? Personally, finishing a long run feels like a great accomplishment and the endorphins are nice, too. I do not know if I ever will complete an ultra-marathon but after I finish my first normal marathon, I may continue lengthening my runs!


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OH MAN!!! You are speaking my language! I am actually an ultra runner! I have a connective tissue disorder that makes running much more difficult than it used to be! But, I still love to go until there is no more trail to run. I don't really pay much attention to pace and what not. I just like logging miles and enjoying the scenery. It was actually by accident that I even discovered I like long-distance running. I went out for a stroll one morning and eventually realized I had walked/run 27 miles!


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For me, the first race was the most difficult. I wasn't sure if I could finish, but once I did, I have had much less trouble motivating myself. I proved to myself that I could do it and accomplish what I set out to do. Now that I do more challenges races, I still face these doubts, but they are much less prevalent compared to my first race.


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I LOVE training for marathons because I find that focusing my life around those goals makes everything else in my life (work, sleep, relationships, etc.) go better. When I am really pushing my limits and surprising myself athletically, I feel like a productive person and I get more work done, I eat healthier, etc. It's kind of addictive to see yourself improve at something so intimidating in a very measurable way. For me, I guess chasing down goals is the motivator. Plus I always feel better after a run.