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Tired all the Time!


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Caffeine is my best friend. I've had the hardest time not feeling tired all the time. I constantly reach for coffee or an energy drink to get myself through the day! I eat well (I mean, I do have the occasional slice of pizza...), get enough sleep, exercise...The whole bit! I know I'm not as healthy as I could be, but I find it hard to find any sort of energy no matter what I do throughout the day. Any suggestions?


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Do you feel effects from the caffeine or is it more of a habit/placebo? I'd say spend a week trying some other things that make you alert/awake... like drinking a lot of water, swapping coffee for a lower caffeine option like tea, or getting up a few times a day to take a short walk. It might be that you are sensitive enough to caffeine that it's giving you a poorer quality sleep at night.

Also, how are you feeling about life in general? Stress or boredom can really wear you out! It's good to work on the mental along with the physical to solve problems like these :)


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Thanks for responding! The caffeine intake could be a habit, but I do feel the effects if I have enough of it. It gives me just enough of a jolt to get me going I guess. Thank you for the advice. Walking is a great idea.
Boredom could be a culprit. I also worry a lot and I’m sure that takes up a lot of energy!


For me motivational music helps me to get going, and also I just get tired of doing things (especially if its routinary) if I did not have enough exercise that's what I have observed but whenever I get enough exercise I always have enough energy.