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Swimming: Strengthens AND Soothes


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For me, nothing works out my ENTIRE body – mind, body and soul – like swimming. It’s meditative, works my muscles and mellows me out. Best of all, it gives my body a much-needed break from gravity, which in mid-life, can start to take its toll. It’s the only workout I’ve managed to stick with (and it's fun to share a lane with my high-fiving husband). Are there any fellow swimmers out there? How does swimming benefit you?


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It seems the water insulates sound waves/stress pounding better, so as another person who usually works out on a regular basis, I agree that swimming is the most well-rounded and stressless method of exercise I've done.


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I'm lucky enough to have a pool at my house and I definitely agree your statement that swimming works out your entire body. While I'm not home this summer, last summer I would aim to swim once a day! Doing research helped me understand that few workout can compare to helping your agility, strength, and endurance all at once like swimming can. Yet, when I get out of the pool after a good 20 laps, I'm not sweaty or ready to pass out (though I am pretty tired), they way I would be going to the gym. I find it to be such a luxury to be able to swim whenever I pleased last summer and while I'll never go competitive, it is a great past time activity!


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Swimming is so therapeutic! It's my husband's and my favorite form of exercising for the same reasons. There's nothing like the serenity of floating in a pool with your ears under the surface, just listening to the sound of your own heartbeat.