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Atlanta Falcons FS Ricardo Allen subjected to “random” urine test after victory over Carolina Panthers Atlanta Falcons free safety Ricardo Allen is the best case scenario general managers Stitched Terrell McClain Jersey , head coaches, and owners dream of right before the NFL draft each year. If you haven’t read “The Eight-Minute Lunch,” drop what you’re doing and go read it right now. Rico lost his job on a reality TV show four years ago. That was after scouts overlooked him during his prep career and after pro scouts decided he’d be too small to succeed as a professional. A few weeks ago he signed a 3 year, $19.5 million extension. To call him resilient is an enormous understatement. We’re lucky to have Allen as the leader of the defense as Keanu Neal and Deion Jones look on from the sideline. He had a pretty good game yesterday, capped off by a Cam Newton interception that sealed a Falcons victory. Then he got to work this morning and saw a friendly letter taped to his locker. We know these “random tests” aren’t so random. The talented Jeanna Thomas has actually covered this topic extensively. Give this article or this article a read Marcus Green Atlanta Falcons Jersey , if you’d like a primer. Rico’s outstanding performance yesterday, including a demoralizing Newton interception late in the game, gave the league a reason, at least from their perspective, to test him. Given that Rico has never failed a drug test 2019 Marcus Green Jersey , I have no doubt he will come up clean this time as well. It’s just interesting when the NFL decides to target certain players, particularly guys with high character and an impeccable reputation. With the Atlanta Falcons making changes across the board with the coaching staff, they seem to have already found their replacement for ex-defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel. It’ll be head coach Dan Quinn running the show in 2019. The team revealed Quinn’s added assignment in its grand Monday release detailing the different moves made to the coaching staff. Quinn once called the plays before after taking the responsibility from Richard Smith well into in the 2016 season. As soon as Quinn began calling plays, the once-mediocre unit took a sizable leap in quality and began a run that carried the team to the Super Bowl. Quinn gave up those duties to Manuel after the 2017 season, and it never was quite the same.DQ is in Atlanta because of his defensive coaching in Seattle that saw that team go to back-to-back Super Bowls Marcus Green Atlanta Falcons Jersey , winning one. He’s a highly-regarded defensive mind who hasn’t really flexed that in Atlanta since that hallowed 2016 season. Make no mistake: this is the best possible move the team could’ve made. It also shows Quinn’s willing to adapt as he goes on with his time in Atlanta. This might not be his first choice for how things go, but it’s the wisest choice to be made to get the Falcons back to where they need to be. With this and news of Gary Kubiak being linked the offensive coordinator job, the Falcons might walk into a much better situation in no time. Quinn calling the plays will breathe a new life into the team’s defensive quality, at the least. If they land Kubiak, consider this a job well done by the front office. We wish Manuel all the best wherever he goes next Youth Marcus Green Jersey , too. He was a sound coordinator in 2017 that didn’t have a ton to work with in 2018, but there’s no better path forward for the team than in Quinn taking the play calling duties. On the flip side, if the defense falters again, we’ll know exactly who is to blame for it.