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Spreading respect among students


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Hi guys! I work as a teacher in my city, I teach History of Mexico to high demand athletes usually from individual disciplines (such as Fencing, Table tennis, Badminton, etc.) They are very disciplinated and full of energy but when it comes to talking about someone else´s discipline they are just so mean between them. I´ve been working two years with them so I´ve been trying to get along with them and get to know a little bit better about their disciplines. I want to know if you guys have any previous experience with something like this. How can I motivate good teamwork and respect for each other discipline?


I'd first check with them if they actually care about it. Maybe it is simply their way of bonding and enjoying themselves and they know they don't mean anything bad by it.


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Managing a classroom can be extremely difficult. People are usually rude when they feel as if they aren't being respected. I would suggest making the classroom a place of respect. Demand respect from the students and they will begin to respect you as well as their classmates.