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NLP and Anchoring For Performance Enhancement


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Has anyone tried working with the concept of "Anchoring" for enhancing their performance? I used it a lot when I played basketball many years ago. It worked fantastically. I believe that the idea was originally derived from Pavlov and his dog experiments where he would ring a bell and give the dogs food. After a bit, the dogs would start salivating at the sound of the bell even if there was no food offered. The bell acted as the anchor. Tony Robbins also borrowed this concept in his teachings which is where I first saw it.

The way I used it was to remember back to a time when I had played a particular basketball game exceptionally well. I recalled all the external cues from that game such as the location, the weather, etc. The particular time happened to be on a court at the beach on a cool day with low hanging clouds and a breeze. I played exceptionally well that day so I used that as my anchor. Even years later I can recall that day and the feeling of the breeze, the clouds and the success and recreate it in my head. Once I do so it relaxes my mind which makes my physical performance more fluid. I quit over-thinking the motions and just relax. It also puts me into a happier or more cheerful mindset as I remember how fun the game can be when I play well. Just recalling that specific moment each time I play enhances my performance greatly. It's well worth trying.

Another example is music. Many people have a particular song that takes them back to an event that occurred in their life be it good or bad. The song acts as an anchor for that specific mindset. So, just find an anchor that you can associate with the behavior or performance you want to achieve and then use it each time you wish to enter that mindset. It's actually pretty easy once you find a good anchor.