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How Much Tough Love Is Too Tough With Coaching?


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While I don't play sports anymore, both my brother and sister are still dedicated! Watching them develop throughout high school has been particularly tough as they are both very athletic and hold a lot of potential (I say this completely objectively) but are constantly getting the shorter hand with coaching. For example, my sister made JV soccer her freshman year of high school. The next year she was cut from the team, even though she had a personal trainer my parents hired who agreed she should've made it. When my parents had a meeting with the coach, he said that she was probably never going to make the team again. Now something just doesn't sound right there...was he trying to encourage her to come back and do better with some extra motivation (his lack of faith) or did he genuinely believe he was helping her by telling my parents upfront that she wasn't worthy of a high school JV soccer team. Either way from a coach's perspective, if we have any on this site, what do you think is going on with this situation? Was it tough love or someone who just gave up on a student.