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How Do You Cope Up with Anxiety?


I would like to ask an advice regarding anxiety. For example you are experiencing a very unfortunate situation and you are having some self-pity going on into your inner self. What are the things that you do to defeat the emotion of anxiety because as we all know anxiety is really a tough enemy that stunts our growth and progress. Any inputs will be appreciated. Thank you


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Unfortunately, there's no cure-all for anxiety and coping mechanisms are just that - a mechanism to cope. I would state that therapy is a good way to deal with overwhelming or debilitating anxiety - and there's no shame in utilizing others for feedback and clarity, but for more general anxiety I like to remind myself that all I can control is myself and my reactions, take deep breaths, and try to remove myself from the situation that is making me anxious. Music and nature are both very therapeutic experiences, as well as anything to do with water - bathing, swimming, or simply existing near a river... regardless of your anxiety and success in defeating it, take a breath and know that despite that moment, things will stabilize - and best of luck to you.