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Has there ever been a course that has changed your life?


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As a college student I often find that with the money I am paying for my tuition, I need one of these classes to help me become a better, wiser, and more informed person in the universe. Out of the five courses I take a semester, I find that usually one or two really stick with me. This past semester, I was fortunate enough to take a course that has helped shape my vision of the world. It was a course on Urban Journalism with about 10 people in the class. By the time I completed the course I felt like I saw the world in a different light and was certainly more appreciative of the journalists that help keep its fellow citizens informed. Now this has been one college course out of about 19 I've taken thus far. Not to say I haven't enjoyed many of my classes but I have found that truly amazing courses are hard to find. Has anyone taken a course that has had the same impact or a bigger one?


I'm now a senior in college, and out of hundreds of credits completed, I actually haven't found more than a couple of classes that stood out for me or seemed worth my time. The first is a social work class that I actually branched out and chose as an elective as a sophomore, which had nothing to do with me as a Mass Communication major.

I absolutely loved my professor, Allison. She is a kind soul and truly passionate about her work and inspiring students to make an impact on the world or to at least remain educated. When the semester was over, she sent me an e-mail asking if I was interested in being a teaching assistant for her class. I was honored that she'd noticed me and I was a TA for about 2 years. Going through the same course for 4 semesters can seem tedious, but I felt nourished and capable. I got to engage with different people of all walks of life and I got to volunteer at an after school center, participate in a cooking course, participate in meetings and events, likewise a separate course dedicated to service-learning Teaching Assistants.

The next is from about a year ago, a graphic design course that I took with a man named Alan. He was sweet and his only class requirement was to care to do well, and to take at least one thing from the course. He was laid back and simply wanted to teach and engage with students every year. I often spent extra time at his class when everyone left early, or just invested more into my projects, because I wanted him to feel respected and of great worth.

Outside of that, college is honestly a bunch of fluff for me. I can't wait to get out of here.


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My department in college was small and fairly tight-knit. It was fairly supportive too. They helped me to grow a lot.
Ultimately though, the class that helped me the most was my Editing and Publishing class. I went into my MA fully intending to become an editor. However, as the class went on I realized that I would not do well in the book publishing industry. Mind you, this was a course I was taking during the first semester of my MA. I was terrified that I had made a terrible mistake.
My professor assigned us a final project though that really opened my eyes. We had to get an interview from a primary source in the publishing world that would relate to our final project on a facet of publishing. I had an epiphany: there was more than one type of publishing industry. I decided to interview a video game writer. That class not only helped me to realize I could go into the gaming industry as a writer, but it also helped me to get my first job. If my professor hadn't assigned that project and if he hadn't been so flexible with his definition of publishing, I wouldn't have discovered my profession.
Ultimately, I would say that it's important while in school to just be open to every opportunity. You might be set on one thing, but don't let yourself be locked in. Allow yourself to explore and discover other possibilities.