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Has anyone ever read, "The Buried Mirror," by Carlos Fuentes?


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"The Buried Mirror," by Carlos Fuentes, is a very fascinating look at the history of Hispanic culture. It covers Mesoamerican history, how conquistadors came to the Americas and started to take over in certain countries, the art history of various cultures, and so on. It is quite the detailed book. While it does not cover languages specifically, I have heard that it is a textbook used in a few Spanish language classes. This is because it is a book about culture and history, and it coincides with the material of language learning. This book is a good example of learning culture alongside a language in order to feel immersed and invested. The book also contains many examples of beautiful artwork created during each time period the book addresses. It is a good book not just to go along with language learning but for anyone who is interested in learning about Hispanic culture and history in detail. I am curious to know if anyone else has read it or heard of it. Additionally, for those who are taking a foreign language class, what kinds of textbooks do the teachers use in order to keep the students invested? Is there are large focus on culture in your language classes? Or history? I feel like these topics are a good addition to any foreign language class, but I worry that language classes do not implement these topics enough.