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Gratitude to Veterans


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This Sunday is Veterans' Day. In honor of that, I wanted to write an article about the who, why and how in hopes to enlighten others about the importance of appreciation for our freedom.
While all military members deserve our gratitude because they chose a career of national defense, there are those who have fought for peace over seas. One might wonder what the cost of freedom is. The sheer irony is that the answer is within the question itself... freedom. The millions of brave women and men that dawn a uniform have to sacrifice their own freedom so that our nation retains freedom.
I wish I could tell you that all of their stories were happy endings as this would be far from the truth if I did make that statement. The truth is, that in many cases, some military members have had to pay the ultimate price. Furthermore, for many of those who do return home safe & sound, the fight for peace ends but they begin the struggle to return to some kind of normalcy. Not every warrior that deploys returns with trauma-related conditions like PTSD. But for those that do, trying to recover a good balance of family dynamics usually remains to be a difficult war... against themselves. Most protect our freedom while risking adverse social change, not because they seek glory or appreciation, but because they believe in standing for others when others cannot stand.
Military families also pay the price because moms, dads, daughters and sons all across the land of the free have to continue without the presence of their hero in uniform when the hero has to deploy.
The most common way that we can show appreciation to Veterans is by thanking them for their service. Yet, there are other ways to show we care and truly are thankful for their dedication to duty. Veterans usually love the opportunity to share their stories. Ask them how their family is doing. Ask them about the places they have traveled. Ask them about the cultures or types of food they have experienced. Ask them why they joined the military. Buy them a coffee. Invite them to dinner, especially during the holidays. Send a letter of support. Take a picture with them. Send them a care package. Pray for and with them.

Yours in Selfless Service,