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Get some sleep


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The best thing you can do for memory is exactly what studies have always shown: read and study the information you want to retain just before going to sleep. You'll have it embedded in your subconscious from then until morning, and you'll wake up remembering more than if you'd pulled an all-nighter. Are we all in agreement, or is there a better way?


This is really tested. I can testify it because whenever I sleep very late at night or did not sleep well my brain becomes weary the other day however on the counterpart whenever I sleep well I am more energetic and attentive on my work.


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I’m not sure about the best time to study is just before sleeping and this unconscious thing. But for me all nighters is a big time waster. It affects your memory and ability to focus in the next day , sleeping deprivation would make you sleep or lose focus easily in the exam and lose grades of things that you would easily get in your right state of mind.


I find that studying early in the morning is also effective because you are less likely to have distractions and drifting thoughts. There is some great literature on “deep work” that describes this!
Yes, I agree, but I can't do any work right after a bed. Instead, I would like to have a quick afternoon nap. I heard these are really powerful in terms of memory improvement.


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I agree. Studying right before sleeping is a good method, and it has been proven to work. Studying all night without any sleep is basically pointless because it tires out one's brain, and one is likely to do worse on a test because of it. Rest, in general, is quite important. Without sleep, it is harder to concentrate and remember things. I always worry for college students who spend every hour studying instead of getting sleep. Both are important, but it is preferable to get a good balance going. If one is well rested, one is more likely to perform better.


I couldn't tout the benefits of proper sleep enough. I think people forget how fundamental and essential sleep is to proper brain function. There is a reason why we make more mistakes when we are tired. Our brains do not function well without adequate rest.