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Finishing Things


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I have a hard time finishing things. It's my turn to clear the dishwasher, and I consistently leave one or two items on the rack. I give all I've got to a writing assignment, but find it very difficult to do a quick read-over to check for typos and such.

Does anyone have any tips on going that extra mile?


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You could try making lists for yourself! Referring to your examples you mentioned above, the list could look something like this..

•clear dishwasher fully
•write paper
•proofread paper
(adding my own now)
•fold laundry
•clean main floor bathroom on saturday
•clean second floor bathroom on Sunday

Small accomplishments to check off make you feel great and help you to strive to make the next check on your list.


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This is a mind shift habit that takes time and real dedication to break. Maybe try setting a reward for yourself that you can only have once you fully complete the task? Keep at it!