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Bodybuilding and Power Lifting Mind over Matter?


The sport of bodybuilding and power lifting has a lot of benefits including overall health and mental wellness whether you are gaining muscle to gain mass or losing weight and gaining muscles you are improving your health because you exercise and must eat healthy and at the same time improve your alertness when doing the programs of exercise. It can also relieve stress which is a plus factor and at the same time you will have a good looking figure which increases your self-confidence. Try this out fellow forumers I guarantee that you will have a better life when you start bodybuilding however you must lift the proper way and have proper nutrition as well as sufficient warm up before starting the program you can check out bodybuilding for beginners on youtube to start with. Best of luck!

Seeker Best

New member
Yes, bodybuilding is excellent and necessary. It does not only give your good health but also ego. How do you feel when you're beside your girlfriend and people respect her all because of you? Very pleasant. When you're a man you ought to look like one but it takes a lot of work to gain this. Even the decision to start going to the gym is enough work and courage.