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  1. goa


    The cruelty kids can inflict upon one another doesn't start in middle school -- it can often start earlier, at around age 5. At this tender age, kids start jockeying for social power. What are the ways that we can curb this in our schools and society? Your contributions/suggestions will go a...
  2. goa

    To Learn and Grow.

    I belive that we all learn from one another. This platform has taught me some things and I am glad I found it.
  3. goa

    Setbacks; a vital tool for success

    Several years ago, I finished high school and was eager to go to the University, but tragedy struck, and I lost my dad. It was a massive blow as we could barely afford two square meals at the time. But I was determined, I took on menial jobs but still kept on reading and trying to improve...