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    I need a quote for women...

    I need a quote to remind a woman who does not like her body but wants to change her self image. What is a good quote to remind her of her beauty?
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    Relationship "Rules"

    My husband and I have a list of "rules." They aren't rules with consequences necessarily. They are rules for our relationship. For example, no one sleeps on the couch, we go to bed together as often as possible, he is allowed to take photographs of me whenever he chooses, any time or place is...
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    Having trouble reading for pleasure...

    I found a thread about reading a book a week and reading for pleasure in general. I struggle lately. Well, actually the last two years or so. I used to read ferociously. Then I found myself in a mindset that has stopped my reading almost in its tracks. I became full of "busyness." I was...
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    Atmoshphere for success

    What atmosphere do you feel leads to the most productive behaviors? Room colors... Lighting... What's on the walls... Music or quiet... I'm asking in two parts... 1- Think in terms of your personal space. 2- For any educators-- think in terms of a classroom.
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    Narcissism- partners

    I have two friends currently dealing with abusive partners. They have both been told by counselors that their partners are narcissists. How can we identify narcissists in relationships.... and.... how can I help them through the divorces they are going through with these partners?
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    Spiritual encounters

    Since I lost my grandmother several years ago, I believe she is with me. I have experiences that are very real for me. How do your loved ones let you know they are with you? Have you had any unusual happenings or changes in your lives?
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    Positive mantras or feedback for high school kids

    I’m looking for positive mantras or phrases for my classroom and student feedback notes. I am wordy, so I’m looking for some powerful concise statements... any ideas?
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    If I could give my own TED Talk....

    If I could give my own TED Talk, I would talk about why personal sharing is the best way to make information real to others. Here’s a favorite TED Talk of mine. The Shared Experience of Absurdity Give it a look. What would your TED Talk be about? there a TED Talk you would like to...
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    Teen motivators

    My teen daughter is quite heavy. She was a goalie for her soccer teams since she was 5. She was a beast. Now at 16 she has gained so much weight. The whole family tries to support her. No junk food is in the house. The family is active. Our oldest son is also a goalie and is going off to...
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    Breaking the “sugar addiction”

    Do you believe sugar is addicting? I have always felt it is. The film entitled “Fed Up” is on Netflix and discusses the addiction. That being said, I am a firm advocate for a nutritarian diet ( My struggle is overcoming the sugar issue. Sweets...