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  1. nhenrick

    Goals; redefined

    It is often said that it's important to be a good goal setter in life if we want to be able to get things done and be successful. The problem is figuring out what exactly is a goal, and what is a daily chore. To me, a goal is something that, when accomplished, allows you to either 1. learn...
  2. nhenrick

    Lazy days can be great

    Let's be honest, everyone loves sitting around the house all day, eating whatever they want, sleeping 5 different times, and binge watching our favorite shows. There is definitely a time and place for these special days, but they should not become a lifestyle. The best part of "lazy" days, is...
  3. nhenrick

    Invest In Yourself

    A lot of the time, the reason people don't achieve their dreams or achieve their desired financial goal/freedom is largely due to a lack of motivation and skill set. It is beyond crucial that every person learns to invest in themselves. But what does this mean? Investing in yourself is taking...
  4. nhenrick

    College Student Dealing With Finances

    Money. Money. Money. Everyone could use a little more of it here and there, especially those who decide to take the biggest financial leap of their life; college students. Going to college seems necessary this day in age, as it provided us with the knowledge and skills needed to get a high...