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    NameSkillz Beta Tester IPhone 6s Feedback

    This is a great app. I especially enjoy the tutorial, which eases you into the functionality of the app before dropping you off to your own devices. It uses an intuitive method based on picture association, where it presents flashcards with unique names and pictures as a form of memorization...
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    Reminding yourself of your worth

    When you are down just remind yourself of everything you achieved so far. Every failure can be a learning experience and every learning experience can be an accomplishment in itself. Please share your thoughts. What are you proud of in your life? Your accomplishments can be big or small.
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    Looking to collaborate with other people

    I am here to collaborate with people of different backgrounds and personalities. I feel that everyone has a contribution to make and I am interested in the conversation. Please let me know your thoughts. What does collaboration mean to you?
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    Perseverance can lead to success

    You should never give up, despite how my times life knocks you down. When I was knocked down in life I always tried to move forward, even though it was not easy at times. I had my share of accidents before, but you cannot let life's curveballs stop you. The key to success is perseverance. Do...
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    Using Mushin for Self-Hypnosis

    Mushin is a technique that I use for increased focus and self-esteem. The technique is simple and requires a mindset, which results in a trance-like state. The following five steps are needed in order to reach this state: 1. Focus on an object. 2. Focus on your breath going in and out of your...