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    Mindful Eating

    I recently read an article that popped up on my computer about mindfulness when eating. It stated that chewing several times rather than the fast-paced five or six chews, and really paying attention to what you're eating can help promote weight loss. I'll admit, I have a bit of an issue with...
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    Exercise for Sleep

    I've been having some trouble sleeping lately. I'm not the most athletic person, and I have heard that working out or exercising right before bed can help you to sleep. The few times I have done this before bed, I feel more energized, so this seems to be a bit conflicting in theory. Has anyone...
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    Learning How to Say No

    I wanted some opinions on this idea - learning how to say "no." We all hate to be that person that turns someone down for a favor, an invite, or any other opportunity asked of them. Sometimes life just gets bogged down by too many items. So, how do you say "no?" Do you feel guilty about it? Is...
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    Weight Managament

    Everyone struggles with their weight, right? Even those who, I enviously think of, have trouble putting weight on. I'm curious to hear anyone success story about how they managed their weight healthfully. Personally, I've tried Weight Watchers, points systems, Cooking Light Diet, etc., and none...
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    Past Lives

    So often, we hear of people with fantastic stories of remembering past lives. I'm really torn on whether I believe in it or not. I know that there are times that I feel an extreme kinship to a certain place or era. For instance, there are so many people who consider themselves Egyptophiles...
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    Animals and Health

    I'm a crazy cat lady. Yes, I have four cats and am unmarried. There is a stigmatization about this going around, and lately, it seems culture is trying to put a positive spin on it (which makes me happy). There's a ton of reports saying having a pet is good for you, and I know that spending time...
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    Finding Happiness in Social Media

    Technology and social media bombard us at every turn. Even our phones provide notifications when people update their twitter and Facebook. I'm curious what technquies you use to help cancel out all of these ego-blasting posts. Yes, I have turned off my notifications, but how can you enjoy social...