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    Is social media going to ruin future generations?

    i think it already has! Youngsters nowadays spend more time on popular social media platforms than interacting with other people. Social media has also somewhat eroded the concept of privacy and personal space. Its not like there are only disadvantages of social media but i think the drawbacks...
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    Ideal day

    @amerino24 i am also not into having a routine. For me a perfect day is where i get all my work related tasks done and then have some time left over to enjoy watching a movie or listening to my favorite kind of music. I do however ensure that i get in at least 1.5 hours of workout everyday...
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    more money more problems

    You are right everyone's definition of success is different but generally having more money than you need and leading a comfortable life is considered success. I've seen extremely rich folks being miserable and unhappy and i've seen financially troubled and shorthanded people happy. All depends...
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    Financial Advice

    I go by the age old motto "save some for a rainy day". In fact i have few guiding principals when it comes to handling my finance. Whenever i need to make a purchase no matter what the item is i always categorize it into "necessity Vs luxury" if the item falls in the latter category i am more...
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    What is your best advice for a successful relationship?

    I dont think there's a set formula for having a successful relationship. There are however some fairly common habits and routines you can adopt which help immensely. Like someone already mentioned honest communication is first and foremost. Never assume or presume things, talk it out candidly...
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    Your Favorite Stress-Reliever?

    This might sound corny but for me stress relief comes in the form of praying to God. I just get everything off my chest during praying and then ask God to alleviate whatever is bothering me. Other than that i like to go to a secluded corner and listen to my favorite music, this too has a...
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    looking forward to an entire week of time off from work! gotta make the most of it :)

    looking forward to an entire week of time off from work! gotta make the most of it :)
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    What do you listen to when you write?

    I have the concentration span of a goldfish :P i cant multitask to save my life. If i am writing, i need to absolutely concentrate on what i am writing about. Listening to music would be a distraction for me irrespective of the genre.
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    Does involving religion help in personal transformation?

    The part of world i live in success is mostly measured in monetary and business terms, i know that its not the right thing to do and i have since moved away from such narrative. Only through reconnecting with God was i able to find peace :) Thank you so much for contributing to this thread with...
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    Writing proccess

    oh i misunderstood you then! well my writing routine is like this, when i am given a topic to write about which i am not knowledgeable i simply google for it and consult various sources. For example recently i had to write about crypto currency a topic i am not very knowledgeable about so i...
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    Does involving religion help in personal transformation?

    So am i correct to assume that your spirituality in terms of personal sight has come at a cost? It's a good thing that you dont regret it :) that's half the battle won right there! its better than pursuing something diligently and then in the end finding out that it wasnt worth it
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    Does involving religion help in personal transformation?

    I dont understand how some people have attained enlightenment without having to adhere to a religion or spirituality! i mean dont you have to mold your life according to a certain set of principals? know good from bad? I am glad that i also found like minded souls on this forum who've had the...
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    Does involving religion help in personal transformation?

    Aamen to that! I also feel that reconnecting with God through prayer has a therapeutic effect on the mind! somehow it assures you that yes there are better things to come. All your efforts in the right direction will be rewarded sooner or later.
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    Motivational Video from Will Smith

    I have! beautifully acted, written and directed. Its movies like the pursuit of happiness and Rocky that motivate you to overcome the odds and keep going no matter how tough it gets. I think pursuit of happiness is based on real life events of the person Will Smith portrays in the movie, not...
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    Writing proccess

    like tyleralecia said getting distracted while writing is the biggest challenge to overcome. Personally,, when i write i try to find a quiet corner in the house where i can be alone and away from distractions. I keep only the relevant tabs and browser windows open to stay on path. Oh and i also...
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    Does involving religion help in personal transformation?

    Does reconnecting with God help in personal transformation or improve one's path towards personal transformation? I am not a religious person, never have been but lately i have started reconnecting with God through prayers. I have observed that it has made me more focused and has taught me that...
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    What is your Measure of Success?

    I think this question is going to have very varied responses. Like you said to some success is measured by having material possessions like a nice house, a nice car for others it could be something else. For me attaining my life long goals would be measure of success. I want to settle somewhere...
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    Weight Managament

    My struggle has always been to keep my weight in check. I have that body type where you bulk up really fast if you dont watch what you eat :( I am trying a new method of eating and its working so for me so far. I avoid fast food and eating out for 6 days a week. My daily meals are rich in...
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    What to tell your children...

    Thank you! That's exactly what i hope for my child! a growth mindset. One which isn't programmed from the beginning about a particular career path. I have seen so many children and even adults with fixed mindsets who want to become a doctor, engineer or something else from the start but if they...
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    Depressed family member

    I'd say its time for a forced intervention. Alcohol and depression is a nasty combination which may lead to something even more severe, the life and mental well being of your family member might be in jeopardy. I think right now he is in no condition to take corrective measures so it falls on...