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    "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that's been given us"

    For any Lord of the Rings fans out there, I'm sure you recognize one of the most famous quotes by Gandalf the Grey himself. I always think about this, or at least its meaning, when I'm in a stressful situation. Are there any other quotes that help calm people down when they're feeling overwhelmed?
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    How do you get to sleep?

    I remember my Lit teacher in high school telling me that she tries to focus on building her dream house to fall asleep, and I've always thought that was so interesting. I personally try to tell a story in my head, but what other methods do people use to fall asleep, especially when you're having...
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    Thoughts on using the first language while teaching ESL?

    What do people think of using someone's first language while you're trying to teach him/or a second language? This might be a level thing, but if so, at what point do you think the teacher should speak only in the second language? For example, if I was teaching conversational English to a Korean...
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    Hello Chinese vs. Duolingo

    I'm currently trying to learn Chinese, and at first, I was using Duolingo. After a while, I started using an app called Hello Chinese instead, but I wanted to know which app other people thought was better. If you think a different app is even better than these two, then I would love to know...
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    Individual vs. The Family

    I'm an Asian American in her early twenties, and I'm currently trying to figure out how to deal with a sudden clash of values between me and my mom. She expects me to stay and support her as her daughter now that I've graduated college, especially since she's going through some tough times right...