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    How Do You Cope Up with Anxiety?

    I would like to ask an advice regarding anxiety. For example you are experiencing a very unfortunate situation and you are having some self-pity going on into your inner self. What are the things that you do to defeat the emotion of anxiety because as we all know anxiety is really a tough enemy...
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    Time is Gold

    Has anyone been a fan of this quote? I know that this is an old good quote, however, we know that it really works if you put this on your heart and mind. I tell you when I started to implement this quote on my life I became more productive because it reminds me that our life here on Earth is...
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    Goal: To Buy a House

    Right now, I am a 26 years old bachelor from the Philippines and my goal is to buy a house maybe a year from now that is why I really worked hard every day 7 days a week and pushes myself to the limit to reach that goal. I know that I can do it because before when I was still in college I was...
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    Dealing with Boredom

    Recently I am experiencing frequent boredom and lack of motivation towards anything I have tried playing games and going out of town but it did not work out at all. Can you give me some ideas to release boredom? and what are you doing to prevent boredom to strike at you? Thanks.
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    Measure of Success

    Hi guys, I would just like to ask your opinion regarding your measure of success. Do you have a specific feat that you are trying to reach to consider yourself as successful? (eg. like big house, numerous cars, and plenty of money in your bank account) or you rely solely on happiness and...
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    Face Recognition Versus Names

    I would like to get your inputs about this when it comes to remembering a person especially the ones whom you are not seeing frequently. Which do you remember most especially when you see again that person in which you very rarely see is it just his or her face or her name? In my case, most of...
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    Tips in Filipino Language Learning

    Hi if anyone of you wants to learn Filipino-Tagalog I would like to help you for free just comment what words would you want to learn. It is much better to learn from a human translator than google translate though because humans has a more accurate translation of words :)
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    Motivational Video from Will Smith

    Hi I would just like to share with you a motivational video from the veteran actor Will Smith, as we all know "Pursuit of Happiness" is one of the movies that really inspired us to do something and become successful with hard work and perseverance. Has anyone of you has watched the old movie...
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    What is your Measure of Success?

    For you what is your measure of success? It can be of material things or happiness that money can't buy, for example, person A's measure of success if having a 3rd floor house with a benz car while person B's measure of success is having a big and healthy family. Can you share your insights...
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    Can Computerized Chess Game Enhanced the Players Performance?

    I would just like to ask if you have experience playing a computerized chess game in which it explains all the moves and you can actually use your voice to move the chess pieces plus the timer are all automated. Does this type of computerized chess games can enhance the players' performance or...
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    Suffer Now and Live the Rest of your Life as a Champion

    This is a great quote from Mohammad Ali the greatest boxer that has ever lived. I guess this is applicable to all the aspects of your life too, has anyone of you familiar with this quote and is currently applying it to motivate themselves to work harder despite hardships? Well if not yet I think...
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    Your Favorite Stress-Reliever?

    I would just like to ask if what is your favorite go to place or hobby when you feel tired, exhausted or depress? In this way we can share ideas on how to combat stress because we all know if it is taken for granted it can lead to depression. Thanks in advance. :)
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    Having Memorization Problems and Gaps

    I first browse the internet if there are forums that caters people who wants to improve their memorization skill and having some memory gaps, then this is the first one that google brought me, the domain of the forums caught my attention and I registered right away began reading stuffs about...
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    Learning Tagalog Language

    Hi fellow forumers I would like to offer free help if you want to help in learning Tagalog Language (Filipino) if you want to visit the Philippines and understand some of the words we are using just free to ask me. Just tell the sentence in English and I will translate it to you and if you want...
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    Favorite App/Game on iPhone or Android that is Good for Enhancing Memory

    Hi I would just like to ask some suggestions on what is your favorite app or game that you are using on iPhone or Android platform that enhances your memory skills? Because games can be so beneficial for the brain too if used in the right way and it depends on what game are you playing. Thanks...
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    Starting your own Business Venture instead of Working for Someone Else

    Hi I would like to survey out of how many are you here who quit their jobs and started their own business who took the risk and became successful on it and on the other side who failed and just look for a job again and work for someone else? I am hoping to receive great inputs about this topic...
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    Share your Greatest Achievement in Life

    For us achieving something is a milestone towards a better future. Could you share what is your greatest achievement so far? as it could inspire others and how did you get there and how long it took for you to achieve it? Hoping for many response on this topic any achievement small or big is...
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    What is the Biggest Setback that you've had in your Life?

    Hi I would like to ask what is your biggest setback that you have face in your life? And how did it helped you become a stronger person? I wanted to know so that it can become an inspiration to all of us in this community. Thanks
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    Foods for the Brain

    Hi do you have any suggestions on what food is the most effective on you in improving your memorization? Me myself I recommend eating nuts because whenever I eat those I stay alert and remembers most of the terms that we are studying before when I was still studying. Do you have the same...
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    Who or What Inspires you to Get Going in Life?

    Hi I would just like to ask your say on this question "Who or what inspires you to get going in life? It can be your parents, special someone, child, idol or a dream. I guess this will help other people who are suffering depression or people who are down and hopeless to think about something to...