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    How often do you lose focus?

    I’m in a work meeting with different teams and we are talking about a big project and when they shifted to a part that wasn’t related to my work , I spaced out a little then when they returned to talking about my part again , I couldn’t stay focused for too long. Got any tips?
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    Reading people’s confessions and opinions

    Why would you be on a blog or a group/page on social media with confessions or posts about people having an issue or giving their opinion or personal experience while they are from different culture , age, sex and beliefs? Are we all common in some way?
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    Being criticized

    Everyone knows some of his flaws and some may admit it to others. You live with your flaws and you can work to improve them or hide them. But , if you are being criticized and someone is pushing you to change something in you even if you feel that it’s a flaw , will you be ok with it ?
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    Trying to eat better

    I think the best way to eat well and have more healthy body and diet is to long plan based not very strict diet. For example you eat 5 unhealthy things in a day , make them 4 and replace this thing another healthy thing that you still like and do it for couple of weeks/months and you will get...
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    Get some sleep

    I’m not sure about the best time to study is just before sleeping and this unconscious thing. But for me all nighters is a big time waster. It affects your memory and ability to focus in the next day , sleeping deprivation would make you sleep or lose focus easily in the exam and lose grades of...
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    Trying to Save More, Spend Less

    I think that your motivation can be putting a target ( saving amount to travel overseas , buying a fancy thing or something that you always wanted) because saving just for finical security doesn’t do it for everyone. Tips to earn more freelance apps would be my recommendation. Another tips to...
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    Friend/Family interferences in relationships

    When do you think that someone’s advice or opinion is healthy and okay in a couple’s issue or problem? I’m talking about a friend or family’s advice not a counselor’s input.
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    Professionals don’t appreciate the opportunity

    Have you wondered before if some of the professionals in your favorite sport/team doesn’t have what it takes ? I think that it’s normal. But , do you think that some even are so lazy and not fully dedicated to this sport giving their 100% for something that they supposedly like and enjoy...
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    What normal power is the most important?

    Normally , people would discuss what is the super power that you would want to have like the fictional characters in superhero movies. I was just wondering what’s the power that an ordinary person already has would be the most important for you?
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    Healthy Arguments

    Having intellectual arguments and debating are very important for self improvement where you improve how you express yourself , know how you feel and your real opinion towards things that you didn’t think about. You know how to negotiate, here you are talking with someone that always want the...
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    Expenses Vs. Income

    It’s the same equation, you have to increase your income or decrease your expenses as much as possible. The tips I can give you is how to decrease your expenses like renting a smaller place if possible, using a cheaper way of transportation ( if you are already doing that , you can even walk for...
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    Do you believe there's such a thing as too much chill?

    Believe me that it’s better to be like that than being the opposite of that. But surely a balance and not being too chilled when it comes to work or important things that needs hard work and real dedication would be better. So if you are working in something that you enjoy or a field with low...
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    How do you feel love?

    When you feel that time goes very fast, you feel that you can take for ages without being bored. Small details of her life is very interesting and fun. You would rather spend time with her than anyone else. You feel strong that you aren’t alone yet weak because your feelings and heart are in...
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    Reasons why i should learn a new language?

    Learning a new language will always be an advantage and a way of giving you different opportunities and options. Knowing a language needed in this job without having enough technical/other skills can make up for this gap specially if this language isn’t common in this country. Going to countries...
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    How Do You Overcome Self-Doubt?

    It happens to all the people at certain stages of their life regardless of how confident and successful they are. Just think of the things you excel at , skills that makes you a good friend , a good person to be around. If we are talking about work , you can think of previous projects and tasks...
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    Tips on how to get up and go to the gym

    I have other tips that made me pumped up before going to workouts generally. - Playing some motivational music (music from sports movies that I like) while getting up. - Having a ready bag with all the equipments (shorts, shoes , other clothes needed in your workout) you need in your car/office...
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    Conversing with a Less Intellectual Person

    I can relate to what you are saying in the topics that I have good knowledge and have a deep understanding to it. I tend to speak about very basic things or obvious , if I find them understanding and can carry on with the conversation , I do. If not , I change the subject so that I won’t let...
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    Setting boundaries at work

    I think that there will always be a nice way to do anything you want. A smile and being excused for having some important/delayed tasks that you can’t help them out right now. If you have a chance later to take a task or something just ask and they would know that when you politely disagree to...
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    How Spiritual Are You?

    For me , religion is a very important aspect of my life and big part of how I was raised when I was young. However, I sometimes do stuff that is wrong from the perspective of my religion and I know that it’s wrong because I feel some guilt or the urge to hide it. Doing prayers or helping people...
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    Could you adopt an older child?

    I think that adoption of 10 years old children or older is very challenging. A part of their personality and the way they behave is almost finished. Also, being a parent is something that you have to earn ,so for kids at this age would be more difficult. It will depend on you and the kid in the...