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    Online graphic design class?

    Does anyone know of any good online graphic design classes? I've read online that you can find good ones onlines, and some are even free. I don't trust that these classes are actually worthwhile. I don't want to waste my time combing through online classes that aren't worthwhile.
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    "Those who don't believe in magic never find it." -- Roald Dahl

    This is a quote that keeps me going when times are tough. There are moments in life when things feel bleak, whether that be the outside world, or one's personal life. Many times, people, including myself, are looking for something in life, maybe it's love, maybe it's something as simple as...
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    Problems with sleep schedule

    I've been having this problem for over a month now where I go to sleep at a decent hour (maybe around 11:00 p.m.), but I can't stay asleep. It's easy for me to fall asleep, but I consistently wake up between 3 and 4 a.m. Sometimes I am able to fall back asleep hours later, and other times, I...
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    How do you help a grieving friend?

    I have a close friend who recently lost someone she cared about. It is a difficult situation for me because I don't know how to help someone going through loss. I'm not sure if me asking her if she is doing ok is going to help or if it is just going to remind her about her loss. She's been...
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    The New Superpower for Women Review by Steve Kardian

    This book is a really great self-defense book for women. It has visual demonstrations of some of the moves as well as narratives of women who have been attacked, and explains the importance of knowing how to protect oneself. The writer, Kardian, is a veteran of law enforcement, and he gives...
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    Yoga: physical and mental benefits

    Yoga is universally known as a form of exercise used to improve blood flow and flexibility. Experts say great it can be for mental health as well. I read online that yoga has been found to improve one's mental health because it forces you to focus on the individual sensations in your body, and...