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    How do you write the story in your heart?

    Lately I interviewed by soldier who had been on a battlefield against terrorists. I crave to making the interview a novel but the ideas are just coming as droplets. What do you do in such a situation? The story is actually throbbing my heart but writing it is proving so tough.
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    How do you feel love?

    I am 27 this month but apart from moments of childhood curiosity when I and a little girl would kiss and hug and swirl around each other, not knowing where to put the manhood, I have not yet had a sex. There have been girls coming my way but I hardly have any special feeling for anyone of...
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    Hey there? How do you forgive?

    This question may sound so devastatingly ridiculous but I am damn serious about it. I am the type that assess myself to check who I am. Lately, I realised that I can love someone like the veins in my neck and my breath but what's my problem? It's always very hard for me to forgive. Perhaps, I...
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    How much do you read?

    Do you really read? If so, what do particularly do you have predilection for? Actually, I am aiming to be a great writer and I keep reading books of fiction authors from different parts of the world. I have read the works of Jonathan Tel from Europe, Khaleed Hoseini, the author of 'And the...
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    What do you listen to when you write?

    Hello guys, I know that what works for us is different. But I would just like to know what works for you as a writer. While writing, what genre of song do you listen to? Personally, I don't mind listening to songs while writing, the most I need is my solitude, silence, and inspiration with...