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    Work/Studies life balance

    How do you manage your time? Do you make a to-do list? How do you force yourself to do something productive when you really just want to go out?
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    What sports do you think are most brain intensive?

    By this I mean physical sports, so nothing like chess, which ones do you think require the most mental skill to be good at?
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    Free online certificates?

    Lately I've been looking for qualifications to add onto my CV for future potential employers. Has anyone here completed a free certified course, if so what was it?
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    How do you get past failures?

    I understand failures are an essential portion of life, and while that's true, being the perfectionist I am...I don't quite know how to get past them. For example a single failure could completely get me away from a discipline, line of thought etc. How do you learn to accept and live with failure?
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    Learning Italian

    Hey all! I'm dating an Italian girl, and while our communication in English is great, I'd like to learn her mother tongue, can anyone recommend some good platforms for it?
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    Have you ever done self hypnosis? How?

    Lately I've been quite interested in the field of self-hypnosis, and would like to know how other people did it. So if you've ever done it, could you share your experiences?
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    How do you motivate yourself?

    Is there something that gets you going, be it a quote, a realization or a thought, what's something that makes you get out of bed and do what you set out to do?
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    Favorite websites?

    I've been trying to improve my memory lately, and I find that there's an overwhelming bulk of tools online. However I'd like some that have been tried and tested so to speak, so what are your favorites?
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    I came for the work, stayed for the content.

    I found NeuroSkillz through a posting at Upwork, At first it seemed like a great opportunity to get to know a bit more about the area of self improvement and get some cash while I'm at it. Now however I think that what NeuroSkillz is building is really a very innovative approach to the field of...