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    Better Understanding Capitalism, Corporate Psychology and Mystery Shopping

    We maintain two roles beneath the capitalist blanket - the role of the consumer, the worker, or both... and while we are most likely inherently aware of the tactics, manipulation, and psychology used behind marketing, advertising, and product placement - there is a darker realm of exploitation...
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    What is Addiction - Gabre Mate

    What is addiction exactly? It's easy to see that addiction is a struggle, but overcoming addiction is an unseen struggle from within. I'm posting this here to not only inspire those who struggle with addiction to better understand what may compel one to be addicted and how to better understand...
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    Street Medic Resources & Guide

    I help curate content for an activist website and think that some of this content may not only be informational and handy to you all - but is also available for free distribution. Have you ever heard of a 'street medic' or 'action medic'? Street medics, or action medics, are volunteers with...
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    You're It

    Whether you are looking for God or for the answers to the universe and our creation - it's easy to miss the point of our experience as living creatures. Oftentimes I feel that we loose balance as individuals and these words from Alan Watts echo within my mind - and make me remember that even...
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    Solidarity to those seeking enlightenment from Minnesota - US - Terra Firma

    Hello to all! What an interesting and beneficial resource this website is seeming to be... emerging from the depths of the internet is a community that truly seems focused on self-growth. As an existentialist - I aspire to empower others, but that often seems like a daunting task in a very...