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    Self-Belief is the Key

    No matter how good you may think you're (or not), one thing any competitor, whether in an individual or team sport should do is have self-belief. You don't necessarily have to be the best to have such a mentality because 95% of today's professional athletes who aren't even considered Top 100 in...
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    Hawaii vacation enhances your spirtuality

    So I'm currently vacationing in Maui, Hawaii and the one thing I've noticed every morning I wake up is how energized and happy I am. Nature really does bring out consistent good vibes. Ever since I got here a week ago, the blinders in my room have remained open, so every morning the first thing...
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    Ginger Root = good source of memory improvement

    I've been eating raw ginger root every morning for the last four years and I can tell you that its helped improve my brain memory so much. The best part about it is that you don't have to eat a whole one but rather a small piece of it after waking up. Some of the other benefits are things such...
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    Morning sunlight gives me a super boost.

    Nothing quite like getting some morning sunlight. One of the very first things I do after waking up is that I step outside my backyard and give myself that extra natural recharge before starting my day. Do some of you on here do the same? Please let me know.
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    Rest your body & mind

    As you get older, one has to realize that one of the ways to improve your memory is by getting enough hours of sleep. Your body and mind will only continue to benefit as long as you put in the necessary hours. Does anyone else agree with this? Let me know. Thanks.