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    Work/Studies life balance

    How do you manage your time? Do you make a to-do list? How do you force yourself to do something productive when you really just want to go out?
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    Conversing with a Less Intellectual Person

    Use simple vocabulary, avoid professional terms or terms exclusive to the area you're speaking about. Imagine you're explaining it to a child, use a lot of 'basically' and try to put it in as elementary terms as possible. An important thing is not to seem like you're agitated by their lack of...
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    Creating YouTube channel

    Hmm...I think TV shows? On one hand, it's a pretty saturated area, however, it's also the only one that'll really get 'big' with a reasonable likelyhood. And given your previous writing experience, I think you'd stand out from the competition
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    A Better Storyteller

    Read, read read and when you think you're done, read some more. There are 2 main ways to learn to write, one of them is, well, actually writing. The other is reading, try copying author's styles, try taking some of their descriptions, the way they do motion etc. You'll be surprised by how much...
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    Learning Italian

    Hey all! I'm dating an Italian girl, and while our communication in English is great, I'd like to learn her mother tongue, can anyone recommend some good platforms for it?
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    Working from home

    What websites do you use? I find that branching out onto different sites and platforms lets you access a lot more potential clients. This can also sometimes lead to repeat-hire which is always good, personally my tip is to branch out to as many platforms as you can
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    Mixing the Ingredients in Your Life

    Hmm, how do you manage to build perseverance without persevering in it? Is there a trick to it, or something else you need in order to accomplish it? Would you mind telling me how you did it?
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    Mixing the Ingredients in Your Life

    I'd say some determination would be nice. Because I have a problem where I'll start something and then midway I'll get bored of it and stop. I need more perseverance, but it's a rather hard thing to train because you...need persevere.
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    In another life, I would become...

    A professional MMA fighter. I did some MMA for about 4-5 years when I was a bit younger, I was good enough to go pro, however I chose to pursue a career that had less risk instead. However in another life I'd like to see just how far I could get, and wish I hadn't left the field
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    I came for the work, stayed for the content.

    Oh really? Would you mind sharing a bit more about that? I'm really interested in people's experienced about these things, what was the forum/blog?
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    Communication in marriage

    Could you provide a few more details, like exactly how you're different? When it comes to general tips I'd say: Talk to him about it-No really, just talk to him about how he'd like you to tackle issues, then explain to him how you like to do it, talk about your different ways of settling...
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    Dealing with the toxic people in your life

    I'd say a very important part of dealing with a toxic relationship is remembering it's toxic. Toxic people usually have a way of manipulating people, and your family member seems like one of those. I think it would help a lot that while they're victimizing themselves, you remember, or even write...
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    I came for the work, stayed for the content.

    I found NeuroSkillz through a posting at Upwork, At first it seemed like a great opportunity to get to know a bit more about the area of self improvement and get some cash while I'm at it. Now however I think that what NeuroSkillz is building is really a very innovative approach to the field of...