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    Spin Bike

    Has anyone made the switch from taking spin classes to buying a home bike with virtual workouts? Do you use it more or less? Are the virtual workouts (almost) as good? What are the other pros/cons? I have a spin studio I love but I recently moved further away. I also often go to the class with...
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    I used to have a great commute; it was a 30 minute walk or a 15 minute bike ride. I liked to get some fresh air especially in the morning. Now, I have a 45 minute train commute. Not as great as what I had, but at least I can read a book, listen to a podcast or get my to do list set for the day...
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    Sunday Scaries

    How do you beat the Sunday anxiety cloud that comes with the weekend coming to a close? I’ve been trying “Self-care Sunday” - put on a hydrating face mask, make a cup of tea and light a nice candle, read a magazine. Doing pretty well in distracting myself from the anxiety of the week ahead!
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    Professional wear

    What is your strategy for starting or keeping up a wardrobe of professional “office appropriate” clothes? (Assuming dress code is business casual?) I like to wear blazers so I try to find them on secondhand sites like threadup. I still feel like I end up wearing the same things a lot of the time.
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    Keeping in touch

    I have several friends who I would consider very close to me, but they live far away. Whenever we get back together it’s amazing- just like when we were in the same place. But, I have a hard time keeping up consistent communication. I talk to each one every other month or so and text maybe once...