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    Completing one project a week

    I'm notorious for putting longterm personal projects on the backburner. Three novels, three video games (both narrative and coding scripts), and various half lined, half colored illustrations. Lately, though I've been trying to commit myself to finish one project a week. It can be something...
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    What building my first PC taught me

    So, I spend a lot of time using technology, but I'm not someone who's been trained to do the more advanced bits. I can do some coding and I know how to use most things pretty intuitively, but for most of my life, I avoided building my own PC. I knew that building my own PC was smarter than...
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    Confidence to Market Yourself

    I'm naturally reserved and more than a bit shy. I'm fairly introverted as well, which makes it really difficult to "put myself out there". In order to be successful within my field though, you have to be able to market yourself and network. It's a very small, tight-knit community. That's...