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    Meditation as Hypnosis

    During some of my more stressful moments in college I was prone to panic attacks. I managed to overcome them with a sort of hypnosis that I just called meditating. During my religious years I would have just prayed, but ultimately prayer, hypnosis, and meditation all feel the same to me...
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    Eating Healthily

    I've struggled with my relationship with food my whole life, but lately I've been gradually reassessing how I eat. I've switched to a more plant and protein structured diet with fewer simple carbohydrates and food no longer rules my life! I used to only think about my next meal - now I eat when...
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    The word “hygge”

    I love this word. It’s Danish (I believe? Correct me if I’m wrong) and has no direct English equivalent. It captures the feeling of the joy and coziness found in simple pleasures like buying old books or drinking a cup of tea. What’s your hygge?
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    "Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter...

    ...quite like unrequited love." ~Charlie Brown What's your favorite comic strip quote?