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    As someone who is used to doing things autonomously, I'm wondering: what are some tips for getting used to sharing a life with a significant other? How to carve up your time with that person in mind, but keeping some much needed alone time.
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    For a long time I strived for the same kind of success as my peers, friends, family etc... but recently I've come to define success on my terms. However, it's not always easy to have the self-esteem required to continue on one's own path of success when it is valued by few people in your circle...
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    I graduated from college a few months ago, and I'm taking the transition from student/child to working adult pretty hard. I feel constantly divided and indecisive. Do I move back home and be a part of my family again? Do I swan off to make a life for myself? Do I get a responsible job? Do I...
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    Want to better my child-care skills

    Hi All, I'm babysitting two kids, one 8yo, the other 2yo. I think i'm doing pretty well, especially considering the fact that they speak Italian and I'm just beginning to speak the language. Does anyone have any ideas for games, activities, or general tips for entertaining/ engaging with...
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    Finishing Things

    I have a hard time finishing things. It's my turn to clear the dishwasher, and I consistently leave one or two items on the rack. I give all I've got to a writing assignment, but find it very difficult to do a quick read-over to check for typos and such. Does anyone have any tips on going that...