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  1. hayeske

    Meditation apps

    Does anyone have a recommendation for any good meditation apps? I use Calm, but I'd like to try a few others.
  2. hayeske

    Battling the Mean Reds

    I have these days where I just do my best to stay out of anyone's way because I've sunk into the Mean Reds (from Breakfast at Tiffany’s if anyone else is a fan). I get angry, or at least irritable, for no reason or little reason or stupid reasons. It's usually because I'm stressed out by...
  3. hayeske

    Computer Self-Care

    I ran across the dry eyes discussion over here the other day, and it reminded me that at one of my last jobs, the IT department installed a plugin on Chrome that reminded me to look away from the computer every 15-20 minutes. I couldn’t remember exactly which one it was, though, and when I...
  4. hayeske

    Creativity and clutter

    I've been reading all of these blogs about how a cluttered workspace can dampen creativity. (I've linked a couple of them below.) So I tried to clean up a bit, but I have a lot of craft supplies, and I wound up more frustrated than clear-headed. Has anyone else run into frustration with...