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    Tips on job searching

    I'm in the same boat, but something that I've been told is to make sure you have something that makes you stand out beyond the information that you have on your resume/cover letter. Be creative! The person who gave me this advice is a recruiter. She said that it gets pretty boring looking at the...
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    The World of Esports (Competitive Video Gaming)

    The good thing is, they're trying to address a lot of these issues now, or at least the leagues I follow are. Some pro-teams/leagues supply the players with physical trainers to help combat the sedentary lifestyle that comes from esports (or any desk job really--it would be nice to see more jobs...
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    Meditation apps

    I really like Relax Lite (it's got an orange icon with a blue smiling face on it). It's a free app that was recommended to me. It leads you through a guided meditation that lasts about ten minutes. This is supposed to be a meditation that can be used either during the day to refresh/ground...
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    Completing one project a week

    I'm notorious for putting longterm personal projects on the backburner. Three novels, three video games (both narrative and coding scripts), and various half lined, half colored illustrations. Lately, though I've been trying to commit myself to finish one project a week. It can be something...
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    What building my first PC taught me

    So, I spend a lot of time using technology, but I'm not someone who's been trained to do the more advanced bits. I can do some coding and I know how to use most things pretty intuitively, but for most of my life, I avoided building my own PC. I knew that building my own PC was smarter than...
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    Quitting full-time job and freelancing for full-time income

    The biggest bit of advice that was given to me was that if you're planning on freelancing full time, make sure that you always have something in the pipeline. As I was told, you have to be thinking two projects ahead at all times just in case your current project falls through or in case you...
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    Writing proccess

    I wouldn't really say this is a routine, but when I know that I have a deadline for writing or coding, I make sure that I head over to the nearest coffee shop and set up. I get my headphones on, buy a large coffee, plug in my laptop, and just work. This method pretty much guarantees me a solid...
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    Confidence to Market Yourself

    I'm naturally reserved and more than a bit shy. I'm fairly introverted as well, which makes it really difficult to "put myself out there". In order to be successful within my field though, you have to be able to market yourself and network. It's a very small, tight-knit community. That's...
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    Travel Wellbeing

    I've done a lot of traveling over the years (both for enjoyment and studying abroad), especially to places where I could easily get stuck with jet lag. What I've found helps out a lot is to jump right in and hit the ground running. On my last trip, my friend and I both agreed to wake up early...
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    Convincing yourself to do something you dislike for greater benefits

    If I have to do something I don't really want to do, I tell everyone that I'm going to do the thing. So for me, I absolutely hate waking up early, but the ice rink opens up at 11am, which means that to get there before the crowds so I can practice my jumps I need to be up by 9 and ready to...
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    The World of Esports (Competitive Video Gaming)

    I'm a bit biased since I participate in esports, but I love esports. I'm not in any major leagues, but since I follow it I've seen a lot of the health and mental issues that you've brought up. It seems like a lot of it comes down to ensuring that players have a good support system in place by...