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    Launching a social media campaign

    with honestly zero experience. Any advice is appreciated... I have a cause that I recently realized is sadly absent on social media. l’m interested in promoting it with my own content, but my only experience with managing a successful campaign is downloading a Udemy course. Because there’s an...
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    Marketing, Writing and SEO Resources

    I’m interested to hear updates about the GenM internship! Sounds cool.
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    Marketing, Writing and SEO Resources

    I’ve used Skillshare a lot. It has a cool interface and there’s a solid range of short and long courses in the categories I’ve been interested in (iPhone photography for social media and content and creative writing). I had insomnia one night with anxiety over the practical longevity of my...
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    Having Memorization Problems and Gaps

    I’ve never played any of those long enough to notice a difference and always wondered, do they work?
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    Learning How to Adult

    Successful adulting is the culmination of a lot of learned skills, for sure. Being patient with myself, staying curious, and being resourceful to keep getting better at all the money and work stuff made me a better person generally. Just focus on a few things at a time; you don’t have to have...