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    How often do you lose focus?

    I lose focus a lot personally. It's quite a difficult beast to combat, one thing I've found helps is to minimize distractions like your phone etc. just turn it off or put it on silent. Also try to check the other person's body language, paying attention to that will naturally make you pay more...
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    How do you discover your passion?

    You ride the wave, chances are, you already have one. Think, if you could do anything, what would you do? Then go and do it, make it true, do what you want, a passion isn't just something you have a drive for, it's also something you want
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    Work/Studies life balance

    How do you manage your time? Do you make a to-do list? How do you force yourself to do something productive when you really just want to go out?
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    Have you ever done self hypnosis? How?

    Oh and what is it? You seem quite experienced, which techniques would you recommend for an absolute beginner?
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    Reasons why i should learn a new language?

    1. Travel, contrary to popular belief, MOST of the world doesn't speak English. And in quite a few places, you won't be treated the same if you don't speak the language. 2.It improves your memory and general thinking skills(there's also a theory it improves cognition, but that's untested) 3.It's...
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    Conversing with a Less Intellectual Person

    Use simple vocabulary, avoid professional terms or terms exclusive to the area you're speaking about. Imagine you're explaining it to a child, use a lot of 'basically' and try to put it in as elementary terms as possible. An important thing is not to seem like you're agitated by their lack of...
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    When do you know that it's time to change your career path?

    When you want to. If you want to change your career, do it, maybe don't leave your job immediately, but start looking for the one you're interested in, really search for it, wait for a good one to pop up
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    How do you know when it's time to ask for a raise?

    I suggest waiting them out, because to get a raise, you need to seem as irreplacable to the company as possible. And you can't really do this well in a slow month
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    What sports do you think are most brain intensive?

    By this I mean physical sports, so nothing like chess, which ones do you think require the most mental skill to be good at?
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    Is Retirement For You?

    I don't think the issue people have with working is the working itself. I think it's more of the aspect of HAVING to do something. And making it something that is usually menial and boring. If it weren't that way, people wouldn't want to retire, because they'd find their work interesting
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    Creating YouTube channel

    Hmm...I think TV shows? On one hand, it's a pretty saturated area, however, it's also the only one that'll really get 'big' with a reasonable likelyhood. And given your previous writing experience, I think you'd stand out from the competition
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    A Better Storyteller

    Read, read read and when you think you're done, read some more. There are 2 main ways to learn to write, one of them is, well, actually writing. The other is reading, try copying author's styles, try taking some of their descriptions, the way they do motion etc. You'll be surprised by how much...
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    Free online certificates?

    Lately I've been looking for qualifications to add onto my CV for future potential employers. Has anyone here completed a free certified course, if so what was it?
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    How do you get past failures?

    I understand failures are an essential portion of life, and while that's true, being the perfectionist I am...I don't quite know how to get past them. For example a single failure could completely get me away from a discipline, line of thought etc. How do you learn to accept and live with failure?
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    Why do you learn languages?

    I can speak let's see... Montenegrin,Serbian,Bosnian,Crotatian,English,Russian and limited Chinese. I learn languages for 3 reasons: Ease of hire-You can find employment in countries speaking any of the languages you know Brain stimulation-Learning languages highly improves brain function, and...