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    Quitting full-time job and freelancing for full-time income

    Sounds good, especially if it can save you on daycare in addition to the hassle and expenses of commuting. I was able to do so in 2008. Recently I've done some staffing work after I got too optimistic assuming I could replace or exceed my income with Amazon writings...but between Upwork and...
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    Excited to learn about myself and about life

    I agree as a writer of over 10 years. Most of my projects have involved a lot of research, and I end up learning about as much as I do watching documentaries. I like that!
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    Upwork/Freelancing Websites

    From the summer of 2008 until last year I'd been able to keep a mostly full-time schedule and earnings equivalent to a $35-40+k job working for freelancing and other websites. If you have a degree and/or writing, editing, programming, customer service, teaching, or design experience one can...
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    Memory Strategies

    As far as things to remember beyond writing a list, I've been doing things like putting my laundry soap on my bed or a basket in front of my bathroom door to be sure I don't forget clothes in a machine. Putting things I need for the next day by my car keys...papers I need in my laptop...little...
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    3-weeks Cigarette Free

    I planned to quit "for good" after a similar period of time Friday but decided I don't want to deal with withdrawal until later this week, due to my assumption that I will have less "hell" then. I started inhaling cigars as an alternative to smoking MMJ/MJ...obviously stupid. I remember quitting...
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    Writing for 8 hours straight

    If you're the type of writer that has 16 hours in your day without a need for 2-5+ hours dedicated to something specific my strategy might work for you; if you're trying to keep it "mainstream" in organized shiftwork I don't have as effective of advice. Alternating one hour off an on across 16...
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    Swimming: Strengthens AND Soothes

    It seems the water insulates sound waves/stress pounding better, so as another person who usually works out on a regular basis, I agree that swimming is the most well-rounded and stressless method of exercise I've done.
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    Basal Ganglia/"The Power of Habit"

    This is along the lines of self-hypnosis also. "The Power of Habit" book might be worth reading but the "gist" of it is brains have basal ganglia that have automatic functions, so it seems the most effective scientifically understood way to get into a good habit is just to be consistent, and...
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    "Power of Habit"/Basal Ganglia

    I read "The Power of Habit" and think that the science behind it is worth considering for people interested in this topic. It explains that habits such as exercise and dieting get easier with time when they are done as a consistent routine due to the nature of brain wiring, so eventually one...