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    Meditation apps

    Thanks @Zeitgeist & @ImagineIt! I'll take a look at both of those.
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    Meditation apps

    Does anyone have a recommendation for any good meditation apps? I use Calm, but I'd like to try a few others.
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    Moving On From Friendships

    If you live in a city, I recommend the site Meetups and looking for Facebook events near you. I moved to NYC without knowing anyone, and I made a few friends through book clubs and dog playgroups.
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    Navigating Family

    I love that Skype has made it easy to have a face-to-face conversation with my family. Being able to see them makes them feel not so far away.
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    Writing proccess

    I absolutely love Scrivener. I've had in on Mac and Windows, and it's a bit of an indulgence (though they have a demo version to see if you like it) that I have never regretted. It's best suited for anyone who writes a lot of notes or pulls research for writing pieces. It allows you to keep all...
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    Confidence to Market Yourself

    At one of my more corporate jobs, we had a policy that we had to receive 3-5 peer reviews every year as part of our annual evaluations. They were written anonymously, and most managers handed you the print outs so you could see what people wrote about you. I've always lacked confidence until I...
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    Battling the Mean Reds

    I have these days where I just do my best to stay out of anyone's way because I've sunk into the Mean Reds (from Breakfast at Tiffany’s if anyone else is a fan). I get angry, or at least irritable, for no reason or little reason or stupid reasons. It's usually because I'm stressed out by...
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    Too much social media

    @nature_boy I'm so glad it's helping!
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    Too much social media

    I have the same problem with Instagram. I have to use it for work, so I can't turn it off. I absolutely love photos, and I have a ton of professional photographer friends who post beautiful, beautiful pictures. So I often find myself wasting cumulative hours on the app every day. One thing that...
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    Rebuilding After a Breakup

    Potential is the hardest thing to let go of with a broken relationship, and I recently went through something similar. Our story (how we found each other after years of almosts) was incredible, and as a writer I loved that. We complemented each other in emotional and intellectual ways that...
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    Computer Self-Care

    I ran across the dry eyes discussion over here the other day, and it reminded me that at one of my last jobs, the IT department installed a plugin on Chrome that reminded me to look away from the computer every 15-20 minutes. I couldn’t remember exactly which one it was, though, and when I...
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    Self-Care Habits

    Mine probably isn't the best example, but I get up every morning at 6:30am to make sure I have time to myself before I have to get ready for work. I work early, so I only get 30 minutes, but it's enough time to have a cup of coffee that I don't have to guzzle and to read or write for a few...
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    Creativity and clutter

    I feel like this is my habit, too. I'll do a deep clean once a month, and then for a couple of weeks everything is tidy. But then I'm on deadline so I just shove a half-finished project aside to make room. Or I have plans I'm late for, and the glue gun has to cool before I put it away, so it...
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    Creativity and clutter

    No, I haven't read her book. Thank you for that suggestion! My crafting is just for fun, but, you're right, I do work from home; I'm a freelance writer. Often I find myself writing sitting on the bed because the desk is so uninviting. I'm starting to wonder if I need to pare down on my hobbies...
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    Losing my passion

    Self-doubt is something I've dealt with my entire adult life; I've tried a lot of different tactics, and you've already gotten some really good advice here. I was very hesitant to try meditating, but I got into an app called Calm that I really like. There are others as well, though the only one...